Autonomous Nuclear Detection Cell


Nuclear decommissioning is expensive and puts people in danger. We’ve attempted to tackle both of these issues. Our system works remotely, relying on robotic technology, reducing exposure of people. In addition it increases the accuracy of waste classification leading to reduced operation cost.


The main challenge has been implementing a system that can automatically navigate our sensor pack closely over the waste items. This is to build up a point cloud model and collect the radiometric data. We have also had to  integrate N-Visage® to estimate the source distribution of the contamination on the item surface and translate that information into a 3D location map. 


The project culminated in a demonstration with our sensor pack deployed on a KUKA LBR using real radioactive sources. We were able to obtain detailed surface activity models of the items. Next steps for this project will be to automate disposal activities such as plasma welding.


Tried & Tested 
This is a new application of our tried and tested N-Visage® technology deployed all over the world. 

Modular & Flexible 
The system is deployable on any robot arm that can lift the sub 2kg sensor pack. 

High Fidelity Scans 
Compare and contrast multiple scans. Examine every surface for activity.