Matt Mellor

Managing Director

Matt is one of the founding Directors of Createc and he is the driving force behind the company’s approach to innovation and its unique culture.

Key skills and interests

Matt is a source of new ideas and novel approaches and Createc’s key project starter. He was initially recruited into REACT Engineering after post-doctoral research work that applied and concepts of information engineering to medical imaging.

Since then he has developed the spin-off company, Createc, as a specialist problem-solving company. Createc works with partners, initially to explore and clarify key problems and then to commercialise (and finish) its projects.

“Client companies and organisations buy innovation from us. We specialise in new ideas and novel approaches rather than just adaptations of existing technologies.”

Current innovation focus

With four or five different projects on the go at any one time, Matt has the overview as well as the specialist insight whether the focus of each one is radiation imaging, navigation or a combination of these and other concepts.

His other major challenge and area of innovation is keeping the unusual and entrepreneurial culture of Createc as it grows and develops.

“Createc is all about providing a fertile environment for ideas to grow and come to fruition. My challenge is developing and maintaining that unique environment.”

What inspires me about being part of Createc

“I’m inspired by the people I work with –on our own team and our clients. Five years from now, I see Createc working with new technologies and tackling different problems as well as the ones we’re tackling now.

I also see us contributing even more to Cockermouth and our immediate community as well as to nuclear and other industrial sectors.”