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An Integrated Software System for Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Package Management
Awarded superior paper at WMS 2024

Comprehensive Asset Lifecycle Management

Flyt ensures meticulous planning and real-time monitoring of nuclear decommissioning processes. The modular architecture and user-friendly interfaces enhance accountability and transparency by efficiently tracking and managing assets throughout their lifecycle, including identifying assets in the 3D data visualisation (BIM) 


Streamlined Characterisation Campaigns

The software system simplifies characterisation campaigns by facilitating data collection, analysis, reporting, and viewing of overlays in 3D. The mobile application extends functionality to the field, reducing manual entry errors and improving data accuracy during on-site data collection.

Centralised Waste Package Management

Flyt’s waste package management component offers a centralised repository for comprehensive waste package information. The database-driven approach not only provides a detailed overview of waste inventory but also simplifies auditing and reporting for regulatory compliance.

Optimised Transport and Storage Management

Efficient transport management minimises risks associated with the movement of radioactive materials. Flyt’s storage management component categorises waste packages, optimises storage space, and enhances retrieval mechanisms, ensuring systematic organisation during the prolonged waste storage phase.

Consortium Delivering DX Software to NND

About the Project

Norwegian Nuclear Decommissioning (NND) has awarded 123 MNOK over a 12-year contract to international consortium, ICCircle, for the design, development, and maintenance of a bespoke integrated software system to support nuclear decommissioning and waste management. The multi-year project will result in an information and data management system designed to provide the insight and oversight NND needs to ensure safety and efficiency during their nuclear decommissioning and waste management process of key sites, which will run over at least 20 years.

About ICCircle

ICCircle is an international alliance of three specialist firms: Ingecid, Createc and Catenda, established as a legal entity in Norway. 

IFE and CREATEC Sign Landmark Collaboration Agreement

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