A unique opportunity
for exceptional

Creating a new generation of technology start-ups

Fusion brings together the brightest entrepreneurial talent with cutting edge IP and a programme of business training, mentoring and support, to create a new generation of technology start-up companies.

Do you have what it takes to become the CEO or CTO of your own high technology start-up company? Do you see problems, solutions or opportunities? Would you like to take control of your own future?
Createc are a skilled, dynamic team developing IP at the leading edge of vision and sensor systems, image analytics and robotics. Join Fusion to build your own company, commercialise these technologies in a market of your choosing and make a positive impact on society.
Start-up Support
Createc will support Entrepreneurs for up to 2 years with a structured programme of business training, access to laboratory space and facilities, mentoring and support to raise your first funding and see you on your way as a successful business owner and Founder.


Fusion is seeking exceptional individuals with the ambition and drive to be Founders of a new generation of high technology companies. You will have the opportunity to work together to develop commercial opportunities and, whether as a CEO or CTO, take responsibility for, and a large personal stake in, a new start-up business.

Join Fusion and you will have complete freedom to identify and define an exciting commercial opportunity in a market that interests you: From UAVs to renewable energy, civil infrastructure to marine, transport to sports.

Fusion will accept up to 8 candidates who will work alongside each other in a collaborative, confidential and mutually supportive environment. Co-located with Createc’s researchers and engineers, Fusion sits at the heart of our innovative and entrepreneurial culture.


Createc is the team behind some of the world’s most advanced technologies in robotics, sensor and vision systems and computer imaging. Everything we develop is guided by commercial objectives, recognised by winning the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade in 2018 and the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation in 2019.
“There is no limit on innovation, the opportunities are endless.”

With boundless enthusiasm for the potential of innovation and the desire to see our technologies applied to solving real world problems, we are dedicated to creating a family of start-up companies that will build on our IP and develop solutions for a wide range of markets. Fusion will afford you the opportunity to share in that vision.

Browse the Createc website to understand more about where our technical expertise and IP lies. If these are technologies that you find as exciting as we do, then join Fusion and we will support you to take these forward into a viable and valuable business.

End-to-end Support

Createc have first-hand experience of building successful, sustainable businesses and know this doesn’t happen overnight.

Unlike other business creation accelerator programmes, Fusion will provide you with time to research the best opportunities, work with potential customers to further develop the technology, build a sustainable business case, and raise initial funding to see you on your way with your new venture.

Fusion candidates will be supported with:

  • Technical expertise and know-how
  • Access to specialist laboratory and test facilities
  • Business training and mentoring by the highly regarded Entrepreneur Business School
  • Introductions to potential Investors
  • Salary and expenses for up to 2 years

If being a Founder of your own high-tech start-up is your ambition but you haven’t found the right opportunity yet, this could be it.

Are you as excited as we are about technology that makes a difference?
Are you ready to make that journey to running your own company?
Does Fusion sound like your next career move?

Meet the Fusion Team

Matt Mellor
Managing Director, Createc

Matt is a founding Director of Createc and the driving force behind the company’s unique culture and approach to innovation. Fusion is Matt’s way of supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs and seeing Createc technology widely applied to solving real world problems.

David Clark
Operations Manager

Dave was one of Createc’s first employees, joining from a highly technical research position in astrophysics. Dave has grown with the company to lead not just many of their technical projects, but also their uniquely creative innovation and IP development process.

Janet Milne
Fusion Programme Manager

Janet is responsible for developing and delivering Fusion and supporting candidates on their journey. Janet brings over 22 years’ experience in technical product development, manufacturing and commercialisation, to Director level. She is supporting Fusion through FIS360.

Frank Allison
CEO, FIS360 Ltd

Founder of FIS360, Frank has worked in multiple industries in the UK and USA and is an expert in the commercialisation of early stage cutting edge technologies. FIS360 is developing and delivering Fusion in partnership with Createc.

Gillian Brown
Director, Entrepreneur Business School

Gillian has been CEO of two start-up companies. She has been a commercialisation specialist for over 15 years, coaching over 40 early-stage companies, and brings a wealth of personal experience to bear on delivery of EBS’s highly regarded business training programme.

Alister Minty
Director, Entrepreneur Business School

Alister is an experienced Chairman and non-exec director who has spent more than 20 years creating spinout and startup companies and selling technology-led products to global OEMs. Alister is an investor and Chairman in seven successful startup companies to date.

Spin outs

Createc have already created successful start-up companies that are applying our IP to diverse markets and applications:

Createc’s first spin-out, Sportlight Technology, is developing the world’s most advanced sports analytics engine using unique, cutting edge, military-grade technology to provide hyper-accurate, relevant and rich intelligence to professional sports teams.

Createc Robotics’ mission is to enable non-expert industrial users to deploy, operate and reconfigure advanced robotics systems more cheaply and simply than ever before, with a user-friendly software platform that integrates market ready solutions.

Createc have another spin-out company in the making. Watch this space for more news!