What is Fusion?

It’s simple.

We take exceptional people, give them no-holds-barred access to our innovative technologies and provide them with the support and knowledge they’ll need to build and run the next Createc spin-out businesses. 

What happens next is up to you.

You get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to found and run your own tech company, we get to see our inventions launched into the world to make an impact.

How does it work?

You do whilst you learn. 

You’ll be mentored and supported by our team of CEO’s, Directors and industry experts, as you seek to start your own business based on the application and development of our cutting-edge technologies.

Over two years, you’ll also learn about all the core aspects of building and running a start-up business through a structured training programme, delivered by spin-out experts who still start and run businesses.

Here are the highlights...

Work in a salaried role for 2 years, full time in Oxford or Cumbria (remote working considered)


Explore Createc technologies and IP, identify applications and assess the commercial potential

Team up with a Co-Founder and develop an investable business plan


Pitch your business plan to secure support for your idea

Form an Executive Team, secure funding and start your spin-out business


How to Apply

We’re now hiring for the 2022 intake of the Fusion programme, kicking off in September.

Visit our application page to apply.

Who are we looking for?

Big thinkers who execute.

Ideas alone are cheap. We’re looking for people who think big, but also dare to try and make their idea a reality. You won’t be directing from the side lines. You’ll need to be the sort of person that makes things happen. 

In our interviews, we’ll be looking out for people who are: 


You’ll love imagining and finding unexpected solutions for big problems.



You’ll value outcomes above everything.


You’ll be comfortable with being uncomfortable, brave enough to try and to fail.


Integrity is crucial in every leader, and in every business we create.

Sound familiar?

About Createc

Our team is behind some of the world’s most advanced technologies in robotics, sensor and vision systems and computer imaging. We understand the true potential of technology innovation to solve real world problems and have first-hand experience of building successful, sustainable businesses. So far, we’ve grown by 30% year on year for the last 12 years, creating three spin-out businesses along the way.

We also know that this doesn’t happen overnight. We’re passionate about growing our family of spin-out businesses long-term, and seeing our technologies fulfil their potential in the world.

Our Past Spin-outs


Sportlight Technology, is developing the world’s most advanced sports analytics engine using military-grade technology to provide hyper-accurate, relevant and rich intelligence to professional sports teams.

Createc Robotics

Createc Robotics provides a user-friendly software platform to enable non-expert industrial users to deploy, operate and reconfigure advanced robotics systems more cheaply and simply than ever before.

Ready to get started?