N-Visage® Recon

Radiation source distribution at your fingertips.


Recon allows you to see radiation sources all around you to help you make better decisions.

The radiometric data is viewable in an accessible 3D model.

Recon is a handheld instrument used to 3D map and quantify radioactive environments. Essential for minimising human exposure in decommissioning activities.

Recon uses a CZT detector to allow analysis of gamma spectroscopy and determine radioisotopes.


Proven Technology

Recon utilises technology deployed around the world from the N-Visage® Gamma imager and RISER technologies.

3D Radiation maps in real-time

View contamination in 2D or 3D, Quickly calculate location of sources. Radiometric information recorded to allow for radionuclide identification and further analysis.

Reduce survey costs

Recon is quick to use saving survey time, See contamination sources in real-time.

Simple and intuitive

Recon has been designed for non-experts making it simple and intuitive to use