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Navigation & Perception

Understanding an object’s position within the world is important for solving many challenges from protecting crowds to removing operators from hazardous environments. At Createc we always aim for a flexible modular approach based on combining multiple sensor modalities to produce robust sensing solutions. 

Our Navstack navigation solution has enabled autonomous flights on nuclear facilities around the world, capturing data that could not be collected without putting nuclear engineers into dangerous environments. Understanding how and where data is collected has enabled us to use Navstack to develop a new inspection strategy through Survey-Fusion which turns traditional linear data capture into an asset-centric collection suitable for inclusion in modern BIM systems. 

Understanding location can also be achieved externally. Through our initial research as part of the DSTL SAPIENT project, we developed a novel tracking capability that now forms the basis of our SPORTLIGHT spinout. Through our desire to see our developments go out into the world and make a difference, this work has now moved on further to create a technology designed to keep crowded areas safe, ACM.