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Driven by a hunger to
see applied technologies
improve our world

We’re comfortable with challenge. We’ve found unusual solutions to big problems.

Bridging the gap between research, ideas and business

We formed in 2010 with a single office in the Lake District. Now, we’ve grown to over to employ over 30 people, including 13 PhDs, and achieve Queen’s Awards for Innovation and for International Trade.

We are trusted by global brands, innovators and universities to identify, nurture and develop commercial applications based on their ideas, concepts and research, injecting new insights, momentum and creativity.

Whatever the commercial model, our partners are able to access our capacity for fundamental research, harness our entrepreneurial skills and unlock the technical requirements needed to get projects over the line.

We are a diverse mix of technical experts with an agile engineering team that can efficiently build prototype systems and develop them into working products.

Our approach

We’re the team behind some of the world’s most advanced technologies in robotics and computer imaging. Our work often bridges the gap between leading research and industrial application.

We’re defined by our technical capability, not a market; but everything we do is guided by a commercial objective.

We’re constantly finding new fields where we can make a difference and, so far, we’ve taken on challenges from the nuclear decommissioning, transport, energy infrastructure, defence and security sectors.

The pursuit of commercial returns from complex technology projects

With unrivalled experience, entrepreneurial instincts and detailed technical abilities, we deliver transformational technology and innovation breakthroughs for clients and stakeholders.

With boundless enthusiasm for the potential of innovation and a respect for each client’s organisational culture, we help companies transition from a closed and protective approach to IP, in order to gain the advantages of an open and trust-based approach.

Making a positive impact on society, both locally and globally

We are a dynamic and agile team of highly qualified and business-focused innovators with a common passion for solving complex problems.

With a huge range of technological skills across many sectors, we share a determination to ensure concepts and ideas transition into real world applications.

We are committed to using our scientific and engineering skills to make a positive impact on society, both locally and globally.