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Createc is delighted to announce a new development in its partnership with Leica Geosystems, a global business based in eastern Switzerland which produces high-tech devices and software for surveying and geographical measurement. The Leica BLK2FLY will be added to Createc’s sensor and robotic portfolio from July 2023.  

The Leica BLK2FLY is an autonomous flying laser scanner with advanced obstacle avoidance for easy reality capture from the sky. It captures building exteriors, structures, and environments to create 3D point clouds while flying. Since establishing the partnership in May 2022, Createc has already deployed the Boston Dynamics Spot robot with the Leica BLK ARC payload on several customer sites as well as the BLK2GO which is a handheld imaging laser scanner that recreates spaces in 3D as you move. 

In discussing the exciting addition of the BLK2FLY to our lineup, Createc’s Energy MD, Will Newsom, stated: 

“By expanding our partnership with Leica Geosystems to include the BLK2FLY, we’re further pushing the boundaries of innovation in remote surveying and monitoring. The BLK2FLY’s autonomous capabilities and advanced obstacle avoidance system allow us to capture accurate and comprehensive 3D data from the sky for our customers. The BLK2FLY adds to our sensor and robotic portfolio, enabling our customers to capture higher quality insights and remove people from harm in hazardous environments. “ 

Matthew Bester, Business Development Manager at Leica Geosystems, commented, “The partnership has greatly emphasized the versatility and usability of our solutions in new industries, especially on robotic remote capture platforms. We continue to see development from Createc as a Premier Partner and systems integrator, that enhances our end customer understanding of their spaces and brings value via our products. I really look forward to seeing an additional layer of value that the BLK2FLY will bring.” 

Createc’s dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements is exemplified by its ongoing collaboration with Leica Geosystems. With deep access to the Leica API and close support from the Leica technical team, Createc is uniquely positioned to provide custom integration of Leica systems with robotics platforms and bespoke sensors.  The integration of the BLK2FLY into Createc’s sensor and robotic portfolio reinforces the company’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of clients across various sectors.  

“The new partnership is off to a great start, we already have two new opportunities to deploy the BLK2FLY. One nuclear customer will get a never-before-seen 3D reality capture of their entire site, including legacy buildings which require continual, regulated inspection and maintenance. We’re confident this technology can be applied to both regular building inspection tasks and decommissioning planning activities to support data-driven decision making on site.”, Says Newsom. 


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