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LiveMaps: Air

Infrastructure Free Alternative to Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)


Currently, UAS relies heavily on GPS, which can be unreliable in various settings including ‘urban canyons’. Live Maps: Air provides an infrastructure free alternative to Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), such as GPS. 


LiveMaps: Air builds on our existing GPS-denied visual navigation system, which integrates passive sensors with camera data in real-time to make a robust and accurate determination of location relative to a given take-off location. 

The technology takes the flexible ‘tile’ maps from this navigation system and aligns them with a map from another source to locate a UAS in real-time in global coordinates using only on-board passive sensors. This continuous reference back to the map corrects any accumulated errors and removes the need for loop closure, which is the usual approach in vision-based slam systems. 


  • Real time UAS lat lon independent of GPS.
  • Can continue after GPS loss, or determine location in world without GPS.
  • Automatic camera based global localisation, exploiting aerial image reference maps.
  • No manual initialisation required.
  • Easily incorporated into existing UAS.
  • Works in EO and IR.
  • Integrated with existing hardware or be developed as a dedicated module.


  • Enables GPS-denied operation of UAS.
  • Requires no additional infrastructure.
  • Low sensor and computing requirements.
  • Maintains stable flight, way point following and station keeping independent of GPS.
  • Adaptable to work with many mobile platforms in a GPS denied environment.


  • Extending the operational capability of military UAS. 
  • Providing safer operation in built-up areas for consumer drones. 
  • Enables future systems to remove the reliance on GPS for all systems in civil airspace.