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LiveMaps: Sea

Infrastructure free alternative to GNSS for the Marine Industry.


The global marine industry is increasingly reliant on GNSS which is a system that is vulnerable to disruption. Loss, degradation or spoofing of GNSS causes failures and instabilities of all magnitudes. A rise in the level of criminal and pirate activity means these situations are also becoming more prevalent. Both GNSS blocking and spoofing are becoming more widespread and easier to carry out. Interference systems are readily available for those with mal intent. 


‘LiveMaps-Sea’ is designed to localise globally for navigation using only onboard passive sensors and an 
untrusted map in GNSS denied and augmented environments. The system can provide both an absolute global position or verify/cross-reference positioning provided by other established methods as part of a larger, more resilient system. 

The technology uses the same underlying philosophy as our ‘LiveMaps-Air’ algorithm originally developed for the MOD. It uses industry standard radar technology and predetermined untrusted maps to localise accurate global positioning at sea, capable in areas of total GNSS denial. Radar data is processed alongside a prebuilt coastal feature map, producing a probabilistic GNSS equivalent position. 


  • GNSS Denied Navigation
    Provide reliable backup to GNSS systems.
  • Retrofittable
    Can be integrated with existing RADAR technologies
  • Increase situational Awareness
    System reduces cognitive load on operators