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N-Visage® Gamma Imager

See Radiation Sources All Around You


The challenge with traditional point source measurements and gamma cameras is interpreting the results to identify the real hot spots.

N-Visage® does it for you – even with complex and distributed sources – by measuring in all directions and producing a 2D 360 degree image. Further 3D reconstruction can be achieved with N-Visage® Fusion software.

Data collection is straightforward using the remotely deployed device.

N-Visage® uses a CZT detector to allow analysis of gamma spectroscopy and determine radioisotopes.


Deployed around the world
N-Visage® has been recognised as a vital tool and is being used in the UK, USA and at Fukushima


Rich Radiometric images

Full 360° by 180° gamma image, Gamma images in as short as 3 hours, Energy resolution: 3% FWHM @ 662 keV, Energy range: 30 keV to 2 MeV, 12 Megapixel


Precise 3D Data

Point cloud range 20m, res. +/- 40mm, used with N-Visage® Fusion software to create 3D images of the environment.


Robust Radiation Detection

High dose tolerant: up to 50 uSv/hr to 1SV/hr. Designed to penetrate through 90mm ports. Umbilical length of up to 125m. Remote assessments, deployable through existing service ports.