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Anonymous Crowd Monitoring for Public Spaces

We provide real-time human movement insight, for Smart Environments.

Situate takes a different approach to crowd monitoring by offering a system which is being trained to alert operators to incidents which need attention in real-time. The system provides completely anonymous detailed tracking information, giving a deeper understanding of the density and flow of people in an environment to improve safety, security and customer experience. 

Improve Security and Safety

Improve safety and reduce reliance on physical monitoring by training a system to automatically detect abnormal behaviours and produce an alert in real-time.

Create Seamless Operations

Improve operational efficiency with live monitoring and analysis of crowd movements which automatically predicts an upcoming situation and alerts operators. 

Better Planning and Foresight

See real movement trends over time and accurately validate your predictions to create better plans for managing and improving your unique space.

Privacy Protected

Our data is completely anonymous by design, allowing your space users to move freely without concerns about their biometric data.

Our innovative system tracks live crowd data, giving you invaluable insights into crowd movements, headcounts, and future space usage predictions. A single unit can cover an area of up to 50m and can be installed and operated quickly by building operators. With anonymised technology, we prioritise user privacy while enhancing safety and efficiency in any space.  

“I feel very positive about this technology and the future benefits that it will bring to LLA. I’m delighted that LLA has sponsored this project, and we look forward to working with you all in the future.”

Steph Maher, Security Manager,
London Luton Airport

Powerful Features

Live (per second) capacity and density data for any space 

30-100m range per sensor, with accurate tracking precise to under 5cm 

Lidar replaces cameras for complete anonymisation of space user 

Seamlessly integrates with your other space-data (e.g. departure times) in real-time 

Fixes above line-of-sight, out of the way of customers 

Plug and play install in under an hour with no disruption 

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