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Spot® Suit

Robot Protective Suit

Protect your robotic assets with our cutting-edge contamination-resistant Robot Protective Suit. The Spot Suit has been expertly designed to enable robots like Boston Dynamics’ Spot to navigate and operate in the most challenging and hazardous conditions without causing costly damageEquipped with an array of advanced features, this suit ensures that robots can boldly venture into contamination-prone areas; saving time, and costs and ultimately protecting your team from entering hazardous environments

Time-Efficient Deployment

The Spot Suit protects your robot from contamination, significantly reducing the time required for decontamination after a mission. With the suit on, Spot can also stay in the contaminated area, minimising the need for repeated entry and exit, allowing for quick transitions and redeployment. 


By shielding Spot from contamination, the Spot Suit reduces the risk of expensive robot damage caused by repeated exposure to hazardous substances. This protection not only saves repair costs but also extends the lifespan of your valuable robotic asset.

Unbound Mobility

The suit allows you to use robotics to access new hazardous areas. Spot can continuously scan its surroundings on rechargeable battery power, ensuring uninterrupted operation in challenging environments.

Enhanced Safety

Using the Spot Suit means you won’t have to handle a contaminated robot directly, reducing the risk to your team members. It keeps your team safe from exposure to hazardous materials. 

Our Robot Protective Suit is the result of years of research and practical testing in complex nuclear environments. It has been expertly crafted and refined through extensive real-world deployments, ensuring unparalleled quality and reliability. 


Welded PVC Torso and Legs

Crafted from high-strength, welded PVC material, the suit forms a protective shield around Spot’s vital torso and legs. The suit acts as a barrier against potential contaminants, ensuring Spot’s inner mechanisms remain untainted throughout its mission. 

Cutouts for Robot Perception Cameras

Strategically positioned cutouts in the suit accommodate Spot’s perception cameras. These precisely engineered openings allow for uninterrupted visual feedback, enabling Spot to maintain its precision and awareness while operating in challenging environments. 

Cutouts for Payload Ports

Designed for seamless integration, the suit features thoughtfully positioned cutouts for Spot’s payload ports. These openings facilitate the attachment and secure operation of mission-specific equipment, allowing Spot to complete tasks without hindrance. 

Velcro Seals for Easy Dressing

Convenient Velcro seals enhance the suit’s usability. Quick and hassle-free dressing and undressing ensure that Spot can be prepared for deployment swiftly, minimising downtime and streamlining operational efficiency.

Welded and Sealed Filters at Robot Fan

To maintain a contamination-free interior, each of Spot’s fan positions is equipped with meticulously welded and sealed filters. These filters act as barriers against airborne contaminants, safeguarding Spot’s internal components and ensuring its optimal performance.  

Thicker PVC Underside for Mechanical Stability

The underside of Spot’s torso is reinforced with thicker PVC material. This design element not only enhances mechanical stability but also provides an additional layer of protection for the robot’s critical components when navigating rugged terrains.

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