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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands as the defining force shaping this century. It’s transcended from a research niche to a huge trend transforming industries and changing the way we work. From redefining what autonomous agents and robots can do to pioneering assistive teleoperation and advanced 3D understanding, we can help you navigate the future of AI.

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Smart Robots

Develop intelligent agents able to interact with the real world. Capabilities include Robot Teaching and Learning from Demonstrations, Natural Language Processing for Robotics, Visual Q&A and grounding, Embodied Large Language Models, and more.

Planning & Reasoning

Allow AI agents to perform long horizon tasks requiring planning and reasoning. Capabilities include Generally Intelligent Agents from large language models, Neuro-symbolic approaches for improved Planning, and more

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Assistive Teleoperation

Make robotic teleoperation easy through partial autonomy. Capabilities include Shared Control and Shared Autonomy, Predictive Teleoperation and Operator Intent, and more.


Advanced Perception

Build 2d and 3d environment understanding, to be leveraged by AIs and robots. Capabilities include Neural Rendering for visualization, navigation and manipulation, 2d-3d Object Detection and Segmentation, and more.

From Research to Real-World Impact 

Originating from our research in the DSTL SAPIENT project, we developed a groundbreaking tracking capability, now the foundation of our SPORTLIGHT spinout. Evolving from our commitment to impactful innovations, this technology has evolved into Anonymous Crowd Monitoring, aimed at enhancing safety in crowded areas. 

Crowd monitoring for safer and better spaces

Situate takes a different approach to crowd monitoring by offering a system which is being trained to alert operators to incidents which need attention in real-time. The system provides completely anonymous detailed tracking information, giving a deeper understanding of the density and flow of people in an environment to improve safety, security and customer experience.   

'We build artificial intelligence that matters. We don’t just publish academic papers; we make AI breakthroughs and deploy them in real-life projects. Our edge is working on hard and dirty projects, from virtual to robotic agents, where bleeding edge AI must be supported by problem solving and market awareness. Besides AI our team background includes physics, mathematics, software, robotics, hardware, computer vision and more. We’re building a future in which advanced automation frees us from all the dangerous and repetitive tasks'

- Lorenzo Pieri, Head of AI

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Anonymous Crowd Monitoring for Public Spaces