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We’re global leaders in applying robotics to industrial challenges, helping you to work safer, smarter, and faster than ever before. ​

Our mission is to drive increased safety and efficiency through robotics

Whether it’s removing individuals from hazardous environments, streamlining operations to save costs, or accelerating decision-making processes beyond human capability, we believe in the limitless potential of robotics to revolutionise traditional approaches.  

We pride ourselves on delivering bespoke robotic solutions tailored to our customer’s specific challenges.  

Solving Industrial Challenges
with Spot® from Boston dynamics

Createc has partnered with Boston Dynamics to customise and apply the innovative Spot®, a world-leading four-legged agile robot with advanced mobility and perception. As a technical integrator and Gold Partner, we are pioneering the use of Spot® to solve new industrial challenges across the world.

We specialise in understanding your unique technical and human challenges so that we can offer robotic (or other) solutions that will suit your needs. We combine the latest advancements in mobile robotics from Boston Dynamics, with our own specialist technical expertise in perception, imaging, and radiation measurement, to create bespoke solutions for our customers.

Planning or Emergency Response
Explore environments remotely, collecting data and identifying risks from afar, to inform planning activities or respond in an emergency. By performing hazardous inspections using Spot, we can remove people from harm and can plan better, making operations more efficient.
Custom Spot Applications
We’ve customised and applied Spot to work in many environments and perform a wide range of tasks, both fully autonomous and human controlled.
Autonomous inspection & monitoring
Remove the burden of data collection, freeing up skilled workers for more complex tasks. Spot can autonomously read gauges, take temperatures, check value positions, measure radiation and much, much more.
Createc takes Spot to Sellafield to complete his first active demonstration
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Bespoke applications

We’ve customised and applied Spot to work in many environments and perform a wide range of tasks, both fully autonomous and human controlled.

Here are a few examples:   

  • Health Physics data collection for Nuclear Decommissioning. Our specially adapted Spot can work autonomously, taking critical radiation measurements and removing Health Physicists from harmful radioactive environments.   

  • Emergency response for a Fire Service. Spot helps to scope site safety and inform response plans, removing Officers from potentially hazardous environments.    

  • Environment monitoring for the National Trust. Spot can monitor the safety and condition of potentially hazardous historic sites and cover large areas not currently accessible by vehicle.   

wide dose image


N-Visage® Explore

Discover gamma sources in real-time using our robotic payload system.



NV-Explore at Dounreay

An innovative real-time radiation sensor deployed on a mobile robot into a contaminated nuclear fuel cell not accessed in over 25 years uncovers vital safety insights for workers at Dounreay.



Using AI and Robotics to Improve Teleoperation Experience

Our customer is a large R&D lab looking to accelerate the discovery and delivery of new chemical compounds.



Fuel Finder A

First-of-a-kind extreme radiation sensor

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