Radiation Measurement

We are experts in radiation data capture and analysis. We help our customers make decisions faster by providing the data required, saving time, money and increasing safety. To achieve this we’ve developed numerous first-of-a-kind sensor technologies as well as advanced software packages.

Next-generation data analysis for deep insight

Our experts can help you uncover vital insights to reduce lifetime running costs, improve safety and accelerate decommissioning. To achieve this we’ve developed advanced analysis software to provide deep insights. Talk to our team today to see how we can help you.

Pioneering methods in data collection

Over the past decade, we’ve pioneered cutting-edge radiometric sensing equipment, serving customers worldwide from the UK to Japan and the US. Our mission is to enable efficient and safe operational planning by providing essential radiometric data. We leverage emerging robotics, sensing, and imaging techniques to deliver unmatched value

‘Our team is extremely accomplished in solving the most difficult challenges in nuclear. Whatever the problem, we are able to capture critical data and generate insights to help make decisions. We’re extremely proud to be leading the industry by saving time and and money through de-risking projects.'

- Rosie Lester, Head of Nuclear Instruments


Autonomous drone flight in a nuclear facility.


Nuclear customers in operational and decommissioned sites.


Patented inventions for the nuclear industry.


Different countries worked in across 4 continents.

Createc product-36



Industry leading gamma radiation detection and mapping in challenging environments.

nv-explore post processing


N-Visage® Fusion

Advanced anaylsis software for modelling and predicting radiation

gamma hero


N-Visage® Explore

Discover gamma sources in real-time using our robotic payload system.



Fuel Finder A

First-of-a-kind extreme radiation sensor

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